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La biodégradabilité des orbeez

The biodegradability of orbeez

Orbeez Biodegradability: Environmental Benefits and Green Alternatives Welcome to this article about orbeez and their impact on the environment . Orbeez are colored marbles used as filler material for children's...

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Existe-t-il des orbeez fluorescent ?

Are there fluorescent orbeez?

Fluorescent Orbeez: the bright touch for your activities! Welcome to this article dedicated to fluorescent orbeez ! Orbeez are polymer gel beads that expand on contact with water and have...

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WATERSOFT - Nouveau Pistolet à Orbeez

What is the orbeez gun?

The WaterSoft M19 orbeez gun: the new trendy toy! The orbeez gun is a toy that shoots small water balls called orbeez. These guns are becoming increasingly popular with children...

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